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Saturday, April 19, 2008

First zoo trip

Shawn took off work today so that we could take the babies on their first trip to the zoo. We had pretty low expectations about how much they would actually "get" being at the zoo, but it went surprisingly well. For one, they LOVE being in the stroller, no matter where they are. You could be pushing them through the aisles of a meat locker and they would kick their little legs like they were having the best time....but we really wanted to see what they would do when they saw animals (other than dogs). It was interesting...they really did pay attention to everything...they liked the flamingos (pretty color), elephant, fish...all in all it was a really fun day. We chose to eat lunch and head to the zoo later in the afternoon...which worked out GREAT because all the sweaty field trippers were already on their way out. (yippee!) The weather was really pretty, and the zoo was a lot nicer than I remember from the last time I went (with sweaty field trippers of my own) They have done a lot of work on the Africa section of the zoo, and it is starting to look really all we need is some more monkeys! We thought it was a little sad that some of the animals didn't have a "buddy"...the elephant was all was the zebra. Maybe there were some other family members hiding out in the shade, but they looked to be riding solo. Some observations I must make note of about the zoo: 1. The world's oldest grizzly bear lives at our zoo....I don't know this for sure, but the poor thing was limping along in a geriatric manner that was pretty telling. 2. The San Antonio Zoo has enough birds to qualify as solely a bird sanctuary. Birds are nice but enough is enough! We heard a mom telling her little boy, "I don't want to see another bird! I am all birded out!" We agreed. 3. They still have the plast-o-rama machines from when I was little. You know, the thing you could put four quarters in and get a plastic gorilla or other animal of your choice? You know the thing that came out of the machine still warm from the mold? It was nice to see that in the era of the $3.33 gallon of gasoline, the plast-o-rama has only doubled in price to a reasonable two dollars. By the time my kids are old enough to want a plastic animal, they will probably be 10.50.....

We had a really good time...the lady in the petting zoo gave each of our babies a piece of food to feed to the tiny goats, and Cale thought it was really hilarious when the goat licked his hand....hopefully the goat didn't just send us from throat ulcers to hand, foot and mouth disease.

After seeing some more animals (and a nap in the stroller for the babies) we had dinner on the patio at Outback, and were totally impressed by the babies interest in eating "regular person" food. Cale had about half of a loaf of bread, and they both loved mac-n-cheese, green beans, and daddy's mashed sweet potatoes. They were in the best mood all day....and humored us all with their reperetoire of "tricks" at the restaurant. Our newest one is to ask Hayden "Are you stinky?" and she crinkles her nose up like something stinks! We laugh every sometimes we get the "stinky" face when we're not even asking for it...she is going to be quite a show pony...

Tomorrow we're off to Round Rock to see our cousin Nick play baseball....we are so excited!