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Friday, March 7, 2008

If I had a dollar...

for every time someone walked past me out in public and said, "Double Trouble, huh?" I could AT LEAST buy myself some new shoes or something. That comment cracks me up....It's most often uttered by old men...apparently that is their comment of choice. Taking the babies out shopping is getting just a tiny bit harder...they want to touch everything we pass by....pulling clothes off hangers, knocking stuff off shelves, etc. Then when you try to take the item they've snagged away...well, watch out. Unhappiness ensues. Worse than the touchy activities are Hayden's problems with strangers...people are trying so hard to be nice, and she tolerates it for about twelve seconds....after that, her eyes start to turn red and her lips start to quiver, even if she is smiling. Sometimes she wholeheartedly screams the offender out of town, other times she has the decency to wait until they are walking away to look at me and cry, as if to say "WHO was that??" If they touch her, they are sure to get the screaming routine. And don't even get me started on moustaches, beards, hats, glasses, etc. If there is even one thing remotely different about the face coming near her, she goes nuts. She is not a fan of facial hair, to say the least.

They are so funny now! I used to be able to lay them down for a nap or at night, and they would go right to, no matter how tired they are, they immediately try to sit up or stand up in their cribs when laid down. They are pretty relentless, too....I went and laid Hayden back down about four times the other the fourth time, the kid was standing up in the crib, drooling all over the side of the crib and the floor, crying with her eyes completely closed....she was basically asleep standing up. Both babies have fallen asleep in an indian style position with their heads in their laps...I have never even heard of babies doing cracks me up, but always makes me a little nervous because it doesn't seems like they could breathe very well with their head in their laps....

Today for the first time, I found them in their room, both looking out the end of their cribs, "talking" to each other. They were laughing and making a ton of noise.....this is probably when they will start waking each other up! They seem to really notice each other now....they want the toy the other one has, and will jerk it out of each other's hands to get it....they even take the pacifier out of each other's mouth and pop it right in their own.

I am getting excited about their first birthday approaching...half of me wants time to creep by as slowly as possible...the other half wants the next two months to hurry up and pass so that they can have whole milk...we are spending about ninety dollars a week on formula, so it will be like a raise when they start drinking milk! I have started thinking about their little birthday party...we decided we would do a "fiesta" theme, since they were born three days after Cinco de, I always like an excuse to force my mom to make fajitas...yesterday my mom and I picked Kelly up from the courthouse, and the five of us (babies included) drove to Market Square to eat at Mi Tierra and pick up some stuff for their birthday....sounds fun, but it turned out to be a sorry was freezing and raining..not good weather to be carrying a pinata to the car....I am so, so, so ready for it to be sweltering hot outside....HATE cold weather...unless I am looking at it through the window of a ski lodge with a hot beverage in my hand.

(This turned out to be the most random assortment of blog thoughts to date...apparently I need to get to bed before I start bringing up a bunch of other topics that don't go together!)