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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nineteen weeks old already!

Tonight we tried/failed at eating rice cereal. I had been warned by other mommies that the first time isn't all that successful, but I was pretty sure Cale (at least) would LOVE the idea of eating something that looked more like food. Clearly, I was wrong, wrong, WRONG. They did not like it at all. They were both interested at the spoon heading towards them, but looked very disappointed when the cereal actually went in their mouths. Most of it got squirted back out at me while we all laughed and took pictures. Of course, I had made an adult sized portion of it (you live and learn!) and had to wash that down the drain. I think the biggest problem was that they had already had their night time bottle and were full...we will try again tomorrow night on an empty stomach. Our one success of the evening was that they both love sitting in their new high chairs. They look so big sitting straight up!!
The whole reason we even tried cereal to begin with is because my amazing night time sleepers have decided they are going to wake up and cry four or five times a night, causing either Shawn or I to have to walk across the house just to put a pacifier back in their mouths. We decided last night that we are probably catering to some bad habits by helping them back to sleep...I am sure they need to have better "self soothing" skills at this point...but when you have two, you are scared that the crying one will wake up the sleeping one and then you'll have two crying babies so you run and get the first one back to sleep before all heck breaks loose. I think we might have to put them in different rooms for a few nights so that we can let them cry it will be hard to listen to, but they are getting way too used to us coming in and replacing the pacifier!!
Today we talked to my dad online with the online camera...he installed a whole camera system on our laptop so that he can see the babies from wherever he is at in the world. It was pretty cool!! There is a little delay in the sound and audio, so you are constantly interrupting the other person unintentionally, but it is still fun. My mom and I kept swinging the babies this way and that way trying to position them in front of the camera. They both cried at Popo, and then Hayden threw up all over me while we were talking to him. Not too much cooperation from them...
The babies have been to the church nursery about four times now....they are getting better and better at it! The ladies are so sweet to them...they changed their diapers about six times today (in two and a half hours) mom jokes that they are getting their diaper changed more during childcare than they do at home....
Some of our very best friends the Zunkers welcomed a new addition last Friday night....Davis Moody Zunker was born at 9:46 p.m. after (literally) ONE PUSH! I told his mommy that she could be my surrogate for any other possible additions to our family since she is apparently the biggest baby having stud ever created. He was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19 and half inches long. He is so, so is funny to see a tiny baby with hair...mine are SO bald compared to him. When Shawn and I went to see them in the hospital, I was already feeling nostalgic about having a tiny baby. I know, I am INSANE! They were on the same floor we had been on with our babies, and it brought back such fun memories. I actually loved being in the hospital, holed up in our little room with nothing to worry about except the babies. We didn't have to worry about food, or cleaning or anything else...just them! And no one expects you to even get out of bed. That is my kind of living!!
Anyway, seeing new baby Davis was so sweet...I can hardly remember when they were that light...and he was a full pound bigger than my biggest baby! After all the chaos surrounding these twins, it is funny that I can already think about adding to our family. Both my mom and Shawn look at me like I have lost my mind when I make comments about it, so for now I will keep those ideas to myself!