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Thursday, November 27, 2008

So much to be thankful for....a wonderful family, healthy, hilarious babies, (that now repeat everything they hear), amazing friends, a newly renovated home to move in to....I am just so satisfied right now I could bust open! (Or maybe it's all the turkey and dressing I ate...hmmmmm) We are halfway moved in to our house, so Thanksgiving was at Mimi and Popo's again this year, even though I had volunteered to have it at my house. (This was weeks ago when I thought we would be LONG settled in our house....wrong-o!) We are slowly but surely moving our things out of their house and into ours, so the upstairs is still pretty horrendous. We spent today relaxing, because tomorrow is going to be BUSY. I am debating whether or not I want to elbow my way through a herd of Black Friday shoppers tomorrow before I go over to the house and supervise the delivery of the last of our stuff. I had no IDEA we had so much stuff....when I think I am making a dent in the boxes, I find another stack somewhere. But, no is finally happening and for that I am grateful. Feeling especially lucky to have been able to fix up our home (that desperately needed it) especially in this day and age of the questionable financial market and even worse real estate situation. Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear friends! I hope all find yourselves with lots to be thankful for!