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Monday, July 28, 2008

Our weekend was busy...besides taking our family pictures...we hung out in southtown, ate at Mad Hatters for lunch (yum!)....went to a cookout Saturday night (sans babies)....saw a movie....went to Parks' third birthday party...busy, busy, busy! The cookout was at our friends from church's house. We managed to visit a while and have a few burgers before I talked to my mom and heard both babies screaming in the background! We headed home to get them into bed...they weren't "sick" really, but had runny noses. I think they were just conjested enough to make falling asleep hard, and they are getting to that age where they don't like their routine being jacked with. They finally went to bed just fine after we came home and settled them down. Shawn and I headed back out to see "The Dark Knight"...or so we thought...the movie was literally showing twenty different times that day, and the ONE showing we were there for was sold out. We ended up seeing "Stepbrothers" with Will Farrell, which is sort of funny...kinda like a really long Saturday Night Live skit. As usual, we were hysterically cracking up at parts that the rest of the theatre didn't seem to enjoy as much. We were just grateful to be out seeing a movie, so I think we would have been happy watching previews for an hour and a half.
Sunday we went to the Zunkers' for Parks' third b-day....Parks' mommy always throws the best parties....they had a jumpy castle (which my kids actually enjoyed a little), hot dogs, yummy cake....we had a great time visiting with friends, but our kids weren't really in the cooperating mood. They were grumpy and nose runny, and cried whenever one of us walked off. We had a little break when we put them in their little portable high chairs and gave them trail mix. They loved their first (and messy) taste of M&M's! Cale enjoyed feeding three quarters of his hot dog to Mally, their dog. (I kept wondering why he was eating his bites so fast...until I looked down and saw Mally licking his fingers and him laughing!) Finally we decided it was time to pack it up, after Hayden fell down and ate a dirt sandwich for like the fourth time, and dissolved into a fit of hysterics. Last night was one night when those babies REALLY needed their bath. They were covered in gravel, chocolate, sweat, boogers, was a long eventful day for them, and you could tell it by looking at them! It is a lot of work chasing after two babies....this age is crazy. They don't like being penned up in a play yard, or being held the whole time, but they are still too little (and put way to much in their mouths) to let them play on their own without following one inch behind them. We spent the whole party trying to listen to adult conversation with one ear, while our eyes were on the babies as they ate leaves and fed stuff to the dog. Fun weekend aside, I am now in aggressive remodeling mode. That means we are harassing them to get our loan closed sooner, and I am actively looking for sinks, fixtures, tile....I am going to be good to go the minute those people close our loan....