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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Today my friend Amy came over with her two boys for a playdate....even though mine are a little too small to be any fun for her oldest (Parks, who is two and a half) He basically played while the babies watched and Amy and I talked. (And baby Davis slept!) It is always fun to have a long visit with other mommies...I wondered today why I don't do it more often! We ran to CostCo together (one of my new favorites!!) and had a good time traipsing through the aisles debating whether or not we needed a pool table or a forty pound box of Snickers. Or an eight pack of cans of WD-40....I was confused by that one...who needs that much WD-40 in a lifetime? I guess nothing would ever squeak in that person's house....
I am glad I like Amy so much....she is the wife of Shawn's best friend Daniel...and by "best friend", I mean BEST FRIEND. These two are freaks when they get together....those who know them would understand...they literally speak a different language. They will get to laughing so hard about something that they are crying, and none of us can understand what is even going on....then one of them will say one word, literally ONE WORD, and the hysterics start fresh. It is entertaining, if not a little confusing to watch. To Shawn, Daniel can literally do NO WRONG....not that he does anything wrong, but if he did, Shawn would deny it or help cover it up. They are the kind of friends that would help each other bury a body if need be. (But neither are sociopaths, thank God!) So for me, it is lucky that I love his wife...since whoever he married would be my friend forever. They are really more like family than friends, and for that we are lucky!
One dumb thing I am excited about: my mom found stockings at Pottery Barn today for 70 percent off, so she called and asked how many I wanted. I thought about it, and said five, four for us, and one extra for our next (God willing) baby. I almost said six, but thought I shouldn't get too out of control. If things are going really, really well and I have three kids who don't make me want to jump off a bridge, I think it would be really cool to have a fourth. I know I am four kinds of crazy, but I think it has to do with the fact that getting pregnant with these kiddos did NOT come easy. When it happens like that, it is hard not to imagine any potential baby as a miracle. I can't even fathom how people feel when they find out they are pregnant and get annoyed...that is so foreign to me! (But common to others, I know!) Anyway, I am excited about our cute new stockings!! I am glad we got them, even though it is hard to buy Christmas stuff in January for me...I know it's cheap, but I am usually too annoyed at Christmas stuff to buy anything....but when stockings come out to 4.80 apiece, you gotta be crazy not to get some! I am all about a deal, so there you have it!